Latest commit fd9784a Oct 18, 2016 @rhcarvalho rhcarvalho Fix typos
To find potential typos:

1. Install tool:
    go get -u

2. Fix some typos:
    git ls-files -- \
      `# list files in these directories:` \
      docs/proposals examples hack images pkg test | \
      `# ignore assets from Web Console.` \
      grep -v '^pkg/assets/' | \
      `# ignore "strat", used as short for "strategy" and` \
      `# ignore "acustom", used as a label name "acustom=label" and` \
      `# ignore "thru", used in a skip list of kube tests:` \
      xargs misspell -i strat,acustom,thru -w

3. Review changes:
    git add -p
    git checkout -- . # ignore what was not added

4. Update generated files:

Atomic Registry



Systemd-managed containers is the simplest deployment method of Atomic Registry.


The OpenShift all-in-one deployment method (formerly "Quickstart") has been deprecated. Current recommendation is to install OpenShift and integrated registry and then the Cockpit UI via template. Deploying an OpenShift environment provides the most flexibility for running clustered workloads.