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#OpenShift Outreachy projects

OpenShift consists of number of community projects and products from Red Hat. This year we'd love for you to participate as part of Outreachy 2016 on a number of upstream projects:


If any of these projects sounds interesting to you contact us on our mailing list. Just mention that you're interested in one of these projects as part of Outreachy and we'll respond right away.

Look for us on Freenode's #openshift-outreachy too:

  • Andrew Butcher (abutcher)
  • Jason Detiberus (jdetiber)
  • Brenton Leanhardt (bleanhar)


Please see the main program page for the general information about the program, such as timeline, background information, eligibility, requirements, and the application form.

Vagrantfile improvements for openshift-ansible

If you are already familiar with Vagrant or have an interest in learning to make reproduceable development environments for large teams this would be an ideal project. If you don't know anything about Ansible we'll help you through that too.

The short of the story is that we use Vagrant fairly heavily on the OpenShift team but unfortunately the Vagrantfile for our OpenShift Ansible playbooks historically been more popular than we expected. This Vagrantfile needs someone's attention to make it more generically useful for the community.

This could involve:

  • Better support for multi-machine environments
  • Better documentation
  • Working with us to set up continuous integration for whatever awesome feature you come up with.

Help get Origin in to CentOS

We want OpenShift Origin to be as easy as possible to consume. One part of this would involve help making it available in CentOS. You could join the team responsible for building the Origin binaries. This would likely involve quite a bit of scripting it either bash or python.


Faster Than Light is the project name for a new installation framework to be built on top of Ansible. Discussions around this project are just starting to happen so there's never been a better time to join. :)

The highlevel goal for this project is to make it easy for developers to build installation tools that embed Ansible. While Ansible can handle all the heavy lifting of getting the work done there are some common UI needs for installation tools that aren't really Ansible's job. This project would involve programming in python.

Shiny new Ansible modules for OpenShift

The openshift-ansible playbooks are great way to make contributions to both the Origin project and OpenShift Enterprise product. Some of the heavy lifting in these playbooks would be better done in Ansible modules instead of using the command or shell modules in clever ways. This project would involve learning to install Origin, understanding the current playbooks and then writing Ansible modules in python to replace the current functionality.

Upstream OpenShift Ansible documentation

If quality documentation is your passion the Origin team could use your help to fully document all the features of the openshift-ansible playbooks. The OpenShift Ansible community is a thriving group of both users and customers and some of the latest features are not fully documented. You could work with the openshift-docs team to create content for both Origin and OpenShift Enterprise.


A space for OpenShift collaboration with



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