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OpenShift Release Tooling

This repository holds OpenShift cluster manifests, component build manifests and CI workflow configuration for OpenShift component repositories for both OKD and OCP.

CI Workflow Configuration

To setup a CI workflow for a new repository, use make new-repo. See the Contributing CI Configuration to the openshift/release Repository document for detailed information about how to contribute to this repository.

Configuration files for CI workflows live under ci-operator/ and are split into the following categories:

  • ci-operator/config contains configuration for the ci-operator, detailing builds and tests for component repositories.
  • ci-operator/jobs contains configuration for prow, detailing job triggers. In almost all cases, this configuration is generated automatically from the ci-operator config. For manual edits, see this section of the contribution document and the upstream configuration document. Prefer the ci-operator config whenever possible.
  • ci-operator/step-registry contains the registry of reusable test steps and workflows. See the documentation for this content here.
  • [LEGACY] ci-operator/templates contains black-box test workflows for use by the ci-operator. The parent directory's README documents how to use them. See the template document for general information on template tests. Templates are legacy and new ones should not be added. Multi-stage tests using steps from the shared registry should be used instead.

Cluster and Service Configuration Manifests

Core Services and Configuration

Only core-services/secrets folder is applied to the cluster

Except user secret management, no services are running on

Additional Services and Configuration (legacy)

This folder is no longer applied to the cluster which is going to be offline soon.

Cluster Configuration Manifests (legacy)

Manifests for cluster provisioning and installation live under cluster/. The OpenShift CI cluster is configured with the manifests under cluster/ci/. (legacy: do not add new services here. Use core-services or services instead.)

Clusters that are created by the testing infrastructure for validating OpenShift are configured with the profiles under cluster/test-deploy/. For directions on how to set up clusters for development, see the README.

Legacy Service Configuration

Manifests for services that are in development, experimental, legacy or not critical in some other way are present in the projects directory. Compared to the core services and services configuration, these projects do not need to follow any common structure or conventions other than clear ownership. They must not interfere with the core services in any way.

Additionally, manifests for building container images for component repositories live under projects/. This purpose is deprecated; authors of components built by manifests in this directory should remove them and ensure that their component is appropriately built by the ci-operator instead.

Tooling Build Manifests

Manifests for building container images for tools live under tools/. These tools are either useful in managing this repository or are otherwise useful commonly across component repositories.