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require 'rhc/commands/base'
require 'resolv'
require 'rhc/git_helpers'
require 'rhc/cartridge_helpers'
module RHC::Commands
class Ssh < Base
summary "SSH into the specified application"
description <<-DESC
Connect to your application using SSH. This will connect to your primary gear
(the one with your Git repository and web cartridge) by default. To SSH to
other gears run 'rhc show-app --gears' to get a list of their SSH hosts.
You may run a specific SSH command by passing one or more arguments, or use a
different SSH executable or pass options to SSH with the '--ssh' option or 'ssh'
configuration directive.
To use the '--ssh' flag with an SSH executable path containing a space, wrap
the executable path with double quotes:
--ssh '"C:\\path with spaces\\ssh"'
The SSH executable path, as well as any command options, can also be specified in
the rhc configuration file with:
ssh="/path/to/executable [--example option]"
syntax "[--gears] [<app> --] <command>"
takes_application :argument => true
argument :command, "Command to run in the application's SSH session", ['--command COMMAND'], :type => :list, :optional => true
option ["--gears"], "Execute this command on all gears in the app. Requires a command."
option ["--limit INTEGER"], "Limit the number of simultaneous SSH connections opened with --gears (default: 5).", :type => Integer, :default => 5
option ["--raw"], "Output only the data returned by each host, no hostname prefix."
alias_action 'app ssh', :root_command => true
def run(_, command)
raise ArgumentError, "--gears requires a command" if options.gears && command.blank?
raise ArgumentError, "--limit must be an integer greater than zero" if options.limit && options.limit < 1
ssh = check_ssh_executable! options.ssh
if options.gears
run_on_gears(command.join(' '), find_app(:with_gear_groups => true))
rest_app = find_app
$stderr.puts "Connecting to #{rest_app.ssh_string.to_s} ..." unless command.present?
debug "Using user specified SSH: #{options.ssh}" if options.ssh
command_line = [RHC::Helpers.split_path(ssh), ('-vv' if debug?), rest_app.ssh_string.to_s, command].flatten.compact
debug "Invoking Kernel.exec with #{command_line.inspect}"
Kernel.send(:exec, *command_line)
include RHC::SSHHelpers