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OpenShift 4 (beta) on AWS

This tutorial walks you through setting up OpenShift the easy way. This guide is for people looking for a fully automated command to bring up a self-managed pre-release (beta) OpenShift 4 cluster on Amazon AWS.

The results of this tutorial should not be viewed as production ready.

Target Audience

The target audience for this tutorial is a user looking to install and operate a pre-release OpenShift 4 cluster for early access, who wants to understand how everything fits together.

Cluster Details

This document guides you through creating a highly available OpenShift cluster on AWS.


With the third beta drop of OpenShift 4, this repository will link you to the work-in-progress official documentation. Currently that documentation is behind a user/password (for anti-search-engine-indexing purposes.

Username: stage-user
Password: zc9$!9S%&0N9hsBVSN42

Bugs vs. Cases

As this is pre-release software, it is completely unsupported, and you should not open support cases for any issues you encounter. However, we very much wish to collect feedback on documentation and other product issues. Should you encounter a problem, feel free to file a bug.


This tutorial assumes you have familiarity with Amazon AWS.

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