Illustrate Istio Distributed Tracing with Vert.x Applications
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Eclipse Vert.x / Istio Distributed Tracing Booster


Showcase Istio’s Distributed Tracing via a (minimally) instrumented set of Eclipse Vert.x applications


  • Openshift 3.10 cluster with Istio. For local development, download the latest release from Maistra and run:
oc login -u system:admin
oc apply -f -n istio-operator
oc get pods -n istio-system -w

Wait until the openshift-ansible-istio-installer-job-xxxx job has completed. It can take several minutes. The OpenShift console is available on

oc adm policy add-cluster-role-to-user admin developer --as=system:admin
oc adm policy add-scc-to-user privileged -z default -n $(oc project -q)
oc login -u developer -p developer

Build and deploy the application

With Fabric8 Maven Plugin (FMP)

Execute the following command to build the project and deploy it to OpenShift:

mvn clean fabric8:deploy -Popenshift

Configuration for FMP may be found both in pom.xml and src/main/fabric8 files/folders.

With S2I

find . | grep openshiftio | grep application | xargs -n 1 oc apply -f

oc new-app --template=vertx-istio-distributed-tracing-greeting-service -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_URL= -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_REF=master -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_DIR=vertx-istio-distributed-tracing-greeting-service
oc new-app --template=vertx-istio-distributed-tracing-cute-name-service -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_URL= -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_REF=master -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_DIR=vertx-istio-distributed-tracing-cute-name-service

Use Cases

Configure an ingress Route to access the application

oc create -f rules/gateway.yaml

Access the application

Run the following command to determine the appropriate URL to access our demo. Make sure you access the url with the HTTP scheme. HTTPS is NOT enabled by default:

echo "http://$(oc get route istio-ingressgateway -o jsonpath='{}{"\n"}' -n istio-system)"/greeting

Open this URL in your a web browser.

Accessing the traces

Once you used the application a little bit, you should be able to see the traces.

echo "https://$(oc get route/tracing -n istio-system  -o 'jsonpath={}')"
# Open the url in your browser, you may have to accept the certificate