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The OpenSHMEM Implementation of NPB 3.2 (NPB3.2-SHMEM)
HPCTools Group
University of Houston

NPB3.2-SHMEM is the OpenSHMEM implementation of version 3.2 of the NAS
parallel benchmarks which may be used to benchmark platforms supporting
OpenSHMEM.  It is based on the MPI implementation of NPB 3.2 which provides 9
benchmarks in total.  Seven of these are written in Fortran which are CG, BT,
SP, LU, MG, FT, EP. Two benchmarks are written in C, IS and DT. More
information about the NAS Parallel Benchmarks may be found here:

Our intention is to eventually provide C versions of all 9 NAS benchmarks
written using OpenSHMEM. To this end, we have creating two separate
directories, one for holding only the OpenSHMEM Fortran benchmarks and another
for holding the OpenSHMEM C benchmarks.

Current Status as of Release 1.0a

Currently, the following benchmarks are available in OpenSHMEM:

Fortran: EP, MG, BT, SP

More benchmarks, as well as optimized code for performance, will be made
available in forthcoming releases.

Compiling and Executing Benchmarks

1. Compilation

To compile the benchmarks, one should first create a make.def file in the
config directory. Several examples are provided as a template.  Check also the
suite.def file to compile a suite benchmarks. Then:

   make <benchmark-name> NPROCS=<number> CLASS=<class> [SUBTYPE=<type>]

   where <benchmark-name>  is "bt", "cg", "ep", "ft", "is", "lu",
                              "mg", or "sp"
         <number>          is the number of processes
         <class>           is "S", "W", "A", "B", "C", or "D"


   make MG CLASS=C NPROCS=256

Note: Class D is not available for IS (Integer Sort).

2. Execution

The executable is named <benchmark-name>.<class>.<nprocs>, The executable is
placed in the bin subdirectory. The method for running the OpenSHMEM program
depends on your local system.


   oshrun -n 256 ./bin/mg.C.256