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Open Smart Home Simulator OpenSHS

Demo Video

Demo of OpenSHS

Installing OpenSHS on Windows Video

Installing on Windows

Quick Start

Ensure you have blender installed. To start a simulation of our demo: Ensure you have installed python3 and modules click and (see requirements.txt file).

cd app/
python openshs start -c morning

This will starts a blender session with the morning context simulation. Start the simulation by clicking p. All the interactoins will be captured and saved into app/temp.

After doing mulitple simulations for each context (weekday morning, weekday evenings, weekend morning, weekend evenings), aggregate the final dataset by:

python openshs aggregate -d 30 -sd 2016-02-01 -tm 10

This will generate 30 days worth of data starting from 2016-02-01 and with a time margin of 10 minutes. The final dataset will be placed in app/datasets


The accompanying research paper

OpenSHS: Open Smart Home Simulator published in Sensors Journal

The code: