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OpenSky SitemapBundle

This bundle will help with sitemap generation in your Symfony2 based projects.

Installation via Composer

Add the following to the "repositories" section of composer.json:

    "type": "vcs",
    "url": ""

Add the following to the "require" section of composer.json:

"opensky/sitemap-bundle": "dev-master"

Adding the bundle to your kernel

To enable the sitemap bundle, add it to your kernel registerBundles() method:

use Symfony\Foundation\Kernel;

class MyKernel extends Kernel {
    // ...
    public function registerBundles() {
        return array(
            // ...
            new OpenSky\Bundle\SitemapBundle\OpenSkySitemapBundle(),
            // ...

Enabling the services

The second step is to enable its DependencyInjection extension in your config.yml:

  default_lastmod:    2010-06-01
  default_changefreq: monthly
  default_priority:   0.5

You will need a Doctrine ODM MongoDB connection for your sitemap. This means that you have to add DoctrineMongoDBBundle to your Kernel and register its configuration like so:

  auto_generate_proxy_classes: true
  default_document_manager: default
  default_connection: mongodb
  cache_driver: array
  metadata_cache_driver: array
  default_database: opensky
  proxy_namespace: Proxies
      connection: mongodb
      server: localhost:27017

Defining a Url class

You will need to add a URL document to your model. Most likely, you will want to save a class that looks like this to your Document directory:


namespace My\MainBundle\Document;

use Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Mapping\Annotations as ODM;
use OpenSky\Bundle\SitemapBundle\Sitemap\Url as BaseUrl;

/** @ODM\Document(db="sitemap",collection="urls") */
class Url extends BaseUrl
    /** @ODM\Id(strategy="NONE") */
    protected $loc;

    /** @ODM\String */
    protected $lastmod;

    /** @ODM\String */
    protected $changefreq;

    /** @ODM\Float */
    protected $priority;

Then add this class to your application's config:

  opensky.sitemap.url.class: My\MainBundle\Document\Url

Writing custom url providers for sitemap:generate command

The third step is to write your url providers to populate the 'sitemap' with existing urls, e.g:


namespace My\ForumBundle\Sitemap;

use OpenSky\Bundle\SitemapBundle\Sitemap\Provider as SitemapProvider;
use OpenSky\Bundle\SitemapBundle\Sitemap\Sitemap;
use Symfony\Component\Routing\Router;
use My\ForumBundle\Document\TopicRepository;

class ForumTopicProvider implements SitemapProvider {

    protected $topicRepository;
    protected $router;

    public function __construct(TopicRepository $topicRepository, Router $router)
        $this->topicRepository = $topicRepository;
        $this->router = $router;

    public function populate(Sitemap $sitemap)
        foreach ($this->topicRepository->find() as $topic) {
            $sitemap->add($this->router->generate('topic_view', array(
                    'id' => $topic->getId(),
                ), true), array(
                    'changefreq' => \OpenSky\Bundle\SitemapBundle\Sitemap\Url::MONTHLY,
                    'lastmod'    => $seller->getUpdatedAt(),
                    'priority'   => '0.8',

NOTE: in the above example, we use router to generate absolute urls. Since you don't have knowledge of your current domain in the CLI mode (the mode, where commands are run), router will still generate relative urls. You have to make the host a container parameter, that you will then use inside of your sitemap provider.

And register your provider in DIC like this:

<service id="forum.sitemap.provider" class="My\ForumBundle\ForumTopicProvider">
    <tag name="opensky.sitemap.provider" />
    <argument type="service" id="forum.document_repository.topic" />
    <argument type="service" id="router" />

After providers are in place and registered, time to run the generation command:

> php forum/console sitemap:generate

or simply:

> php forum/console sitemap:g

Creating/Updating sitemap urls in the application

After the three steps were completed, you can use Symfony2's native 'event_dispatcher' service to let the 'sitemap' know of new url:

$eventDispatcher->notify(new Event($this, 'opensky.sitemap.create', array(
    'loc'        => $router->generate('user_view', array('id' => $user->getId())),
    'changefreq' => 'daily',
    'priority'   => '0.8',

or existing url updates:

$eventDispatcher->notify(new Event($this, 'opensky.sitemap.update', array(
    'loc'        => $router->generate('user_view', array('id' => $user->getId())),
    'priority'   => '0.6',

Enabling sitemap routes

The last and most important step is to enable sitemap routing in your routing.yml:

  resource: @OpenSkySitemapBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml

After that is done, you can access your sitemap at /sitemap.xml and siteindex at /siteindex.xml

Happy Coding

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