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Congratulations you have just created a new Mule cloud connector!

Now you need to make sure that you update you pom.xml to use version
3.1.0 of Mule. This will ensure you are compiling against the correct
version of Mule and you will avoid issues arising from not being about to find
configuration schemas for this module.

This wizard created a number of new classes and resources useful for Mule
cloud connectors.  Each of the created files contains documentation and TODO
items where necessary.  Here is an overview of what was created.

A maven project descriptor that describes how to build this module. It also
contains  additional information about how to share the connector on MuleForge.

A maven assembly descriptor that defines how this module will be packaged
when you make a release.

The open source license text for this project.


This  project also contains test classes that can be run as part of a test

Everything you need to know about getting started with Mule can be found here:

There further useful information about extending Mule here:

For information about working with Mule inside and IDE with maven can be
found here:

Remember if you get stuck you can try getting help on the Mule user list:

Also, MuleSoft, the company behind Mule, offers 24x7 support options:

Enjoy your Mule ride!

The Mule Team
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