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A map-based general service location app for San Mateo County.
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Service Locator

Project Description

Service Locator is a web application which displays public services and points of interest for San Mateo County on a map, organized by category, and with detailed information available for specific points of interest. It is being developed by OpenSMC, a Code for America brigade for San Mateo County.

The application consumes data from Open San Mateo County, the county's open data portal. The datasets are configured, along with their display properties, in a CSV file, allowing for easy editing by non-technical contributors.



  • Provide a single source of information for residents and visitors of San Mateo County
  • Develop a template web application which can be repurposed for other map-based applications
  • Provide a set of simple tasks for non-technical contributors

Skills Needed

  • JavaScript, and jQuery in particular
  • graphic design (icons and other visual elements)
  • Mapbox
  • very basic understanding of JSON data (it's easy, we'll show you how!)

How you can help us

Tasks (Technical)

  • Add the ability to display path data (e.g. bus routes)
  • Add legend icons within the category tree view

Tasks (Non-Technical)

  • Help us find and configure more data sets
  • Develop the "About" page for the site
  • Find (or create) better icons for map categories
  • QA/Testers are always welcome
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