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Hello! is a repository to which users can upload their SNP-sets (and exome-VCFs) from 23andme, deCODEme, FamilyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA and IYG-format (for participants of EBI genotyping). On upload, SNPs are annotated using the PLoS and Mendeley-APIs to show users the newest scientific research results on their SNPs. Each SNP is also linked to the relevant page on SNPedia. SNPs are ranked according to how many results could be gathered for SNPedia, PLoS and Mendeley (in that order). Users can send each other private messages as well as comment on SNPs and Phenotypes.

Installing openSNP

Please see for more detailed instructions on how to run and setup openSNP.

Contributing to openSNP

Thanks for your interest in helping us out! You are awesome! Please see for more detailed instructions on how to contribute. We also have a, containing our idea of where the project should head.

The project has a Code of Conduct in order to make this a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

Thanks go to everyone who has contributed so far. May you be celebrated, inside our humans.txt and outside of it!

Getting in contact

You can always open an issue for specific problems, or send a mail to if you want to discuss something or if you have any questions or need help with something. There's also if something broke on the site itself.

We're also available on Twitter:

@gedankenstuecke @helgerausch @philippbayer

You can also join us on Gitter.