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A set of Elm libraries for working with 2D and 3D geometry

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  1. geometry geometry Public

    Forked from ianmackenzie/elm-geometry

    2D/3D geometry package for Elm

    Elm 11

  2. parametric parametric Public

    Parametric 2D/3D curves and surfaces for Elm

    Elm 3

  3. ifc4 ifc4 Public

    Read and write data in IFC 4 format

    Elm 1

  4. sketch3d sketch3d Public

    3D illustrations in Elm

    Elm 1

  5. webgl-math-interop webgl-math-interop Public

    Interop support for opensolid/geometry and Zinggi/elm-webgl-math

    Elm 1

  6. guides guides Public

    Introduction to OpenSolid concepts



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