Virtual Mailbox Administration
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Latest commit 4f5f0b9 Sep 8, 2016 @diogocsc diogocsc committed with barryo Added table of contents and reordered email settings text to make it …
…more clear (#204)

* Text summary and reorder

Added a little table of contents to the email text to make  sure people
are aware of the full contents of the email and reordered the "check
settings below" to immediately before the settings. By having it before
the change password makes it less prone to be read and correctly

* Revert "Text summary and reorder"

This reverts commit 3d6623b.

* Table of contents and reorder

Added a table of contents to the email text as it may not be clear the
email full length, and reorder the line to check settings below to
immediately before the settings, as it could get easily forgotten and
misunderstood if staying before the change password.


Virtual Mailbox Administration

The ViMbAdmin project (vim-be-admin) provides a web based virtual mailbox administration system to allow mail administrators to easily manage domains, mailboxes and aliases.

ViMbAdmin was written in PHP using our own web application framework which includes the Zend Framework, the Doctrine ORM and the Smarty templating system with JQuery and Bootstrap.