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* Copyright (c) 2008-2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
* This file contains Original Code and/or Modifications of Original Code
* as defined in and that are subject to the Apple Public Source License
* Version 2.0 (the 'License'). You may not use this file except in
* compliance with the License. Please obtain a copy of the License at
* and read it before using this
* file.
* The Original Code and all software distributed under the License are
* distributed on an 'AS IS' basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER
* Please see the License for the specific language governing rights and
* limitations under the License.
#include <TargetConditionals.h>
#include <System/machine/cpu_capabilities.h>
#ifdef __i386__
#define MH_PARAM_OUT 0
#define LP_PARAM_OUT 4
#define XMMM0_SAVE 16 /* 16-byte align */
#define XMMM1_SAVE 32
#define XMMM2_SAVE 48
#define XMMM3_SAVE 64
#define EAX_SAVE 84
#define ECX_SAVE 88
#define EDX_SAVE 92
#define LP_LOCAL 96
#define MH_LOCAL 100
#define STACK_SIZE 100 /* must be 4 mod 16 so that stack winds up 16-byte aliged */
#define LP_OLD_BP_SAVE 104
* sp+4 lazy binding info offset
* sp+0 address of ImageLoader cache
.align 4,0x90
.globl dyld_stub_binder
.globl _misaligned_stack_error
subl $STACK_SIZE,%esp # makes stack 16-byte aligned
movl %eax,EAX_SAVE(%esp)
movl LP_OLD_BP_SAVE(%esp),%eax # get lazy-pointer meta-parameter
movl %eax,LP_LOCAL(%esp)
movl %ebp,LP_OLD_BP_SAVE(%esp) # store epb back chain
movl %esp,%ebp # set epb to be this frame
add $LP_OLD_BP_SAVE,%ebp
movl %ecx,ECX_SAVE(%esp)
movl %edx,EDX_SAVE(%esp)
.align 0,0x90
movdqa %xmm0,XMMM0_SAVE(%esp)
movdqa %xmm1,XMMM1_SAVE(%esp)
movdqa %xmm2,XMMM2_SAVE(%esp)
movdqa %xmm3,XMMM3_SAVE(%esp)
movl MH_LOCAL(%esp),%eax # call dyld::fastBindLazySymbol(loadercache, lazyinfo)
movl %eax,MH_PARAM_OUT(%esp)
movl LP_LOCAL(%esp),%eax
movl %eax,LP_PARAM_OUT(%esp)
call __Z21_dyld_fast_stub_entryPvl
movdqa XMMM0_SAVE(%esp),%xmm0 # restore registers
movdqa XMMM1_SAVE(%esp),%xmm1
movdqa XMMM2_SAVE(%esp),%xmm2
movdqa XMMM3_SAVE(%esp),%xmm3
movl ECX_SAVE(%esp),%ecx
movl EDX_SAVE(%esp),%edx
movl %eax,%ebp # move target address to epb
movl EAX_SAVE(%esp),%eax # restore eax
addl $STACK_SIZE+4,%esp # cut back stack
xchg %ebp, (%esp) # restore ebp and set target to top of stack
ret # jump to target
#endif /* __i386__ */
#if __x86_64__
#define RET_ADDR_RBP 24
#define LP_PARAM_RBP 16
#define MH_PARAM_RBP 8
#define OLD_RBP_RBP 0
#define RDI_SAVE_RBP -8
#define RSI_SAVE_RBP -16
#define RDX_SAVE_RBP -24
#define RCX_SAVE_RBP -32
#define RBX_SAVE_RBP -40
#define RAX_SAVE_RBP -48
#define R8_SAVE_RBP -56
#define R9_SAVE_RBP -64
#define STATIC_STACK_SIZE 256 // extra padding to allow it to be 64-byte aligned
#define XMM0_SAVE_RSP 0x00
#define XMM1_SAVE_RSP 0x10
#define XMM2_SAVE_RSP 0x20
#define XMM3_SAVE_RSP 0x30
#define XMM4_SAVE_RSP 0x40
#define XMM5_SAVE_RSP 0x50
#define XMM6_SAVE_RSP 0x60
#define XMM7_SAVE_RSP 0x70
* sp+16 return address
* sp+8 lazy binding info offset
* sp+0 address of ImageLoader cache
.align 2,0x90
.globl dyld_stub_binder
pushq %rbp
test $0xF,%rsp # at this point stack should be 16-byte aligned
jne _stack_not_16_byte_aligned_error
movq %rsp,%rbp
movq %rdi,RDI_SAVE_RBP(%rbp) # save registers that might be used as parameters
movq %rsi,RSI_SAVE_RBP(%rbp)
movq %rdx,RDX_SAVE_RBP(%rbp)
movq %rcx,RCX_SAVE_RBP(%rbp)
movq %rbx,RBX_SAVE_RBP(%rbp)
movq %rax,RAX_SAVE_RBP(%rbp)
movq %r8, R8_SAVE_RBP(%rbp)
movq %r9, R9_SAVE_RBP(%rbp)
cmpl $0, _inited(%rip)
jne Linited
movl $0x01,%eax
cpuid # get cpu features to check on xsave instruction support
andl $0x08000000,%ecx # check OSXSAVE bit
movl %ecx,_hasXSave(%rip)
cmpl $0, %ecx
jne LxsaveInfo
movl $1, _inited(%rip)
jmp Lsse
movl $0x0D,%eax
movl $0x00,%ecx
cpuid # get xsave parameter info
movl %eax,_features_lo32(%rip)
movl %edx,_features_hi32(%rip)
movl %ecx,_bufferSize32(%rip)
movl $1, _inited(%rip)
cmpl $0, _hasXSave(%rip)
jne Lxsave
subq $128, %rsp
movdqa %xmm0, XMM0_SAVE_RSP(%rsp)
movdqa %xmm1, XMM1_SAVE_RSP(%rsp)
movdqa %xmm2, XMM2_SAVE_RSP(%rsp)
movdqa %xmm3, XMM3_SAVE_RSP(%rsp)
movdqa %xmm4, XMM4_SAVE_RSP(%rsp)
movdqa %xmm5, XMM5_SAVE_RSP(%rsp)
movdqa %xmm6, XMM6_SAVE_RSP(%rsp)
movdqa %xmm7, XMM7_SAVE_RSP(%rsp)
jmp Lbind
movl _bufferSize32(%rip),%eax
movq %rsp, %rdi
subq %rax, %rdi # stack alloc buffer
andq $-64, %rdi # 64-byte align stack
movq %rdi, %rsp
# xsave requires buffer to be zero'ed out
movq $0, %rcx
movq %rdi, %r8
movq %rdi, %r9
addq %rax, %r9
Lz: movq %rcx, (%r8)
addq $8, %r8
cmpq %r8,%r9
ja Lz
movl _features_lo32(%rip),%eax
movl _features_hi32(%rip),%edx
# call xsave with buffer on stack and eax:edx flag bits
# note: do not use xsaveopt, it assumes you are using the same
# buffer as previous xsaves, and this thread is on the same cpu.
xsave (%rsp)
movq MH_PARAM_RBP(%rbp),%rdi # call fastBindLazySymbol(loadercache, lazyinfo)
movq LP_PARAM_RBP(%rbp),%rsi
call __Z21_dyld_fast_stub_entryPvl
movq %rax,%r11 # copy jump target
cmpl $0, _hasXSave(%rip)
jne Lxrstror
movdqa XMM0_SAVE_RSP(%rsp),%xmm0
movdqa XMM1_SAVE_RSP(%rsp),%xmm1
movdqa XMM2_SAVE_RSP(%rsp),%xmm2
movdqa XMM3_SAVE_RSP(%rsp),%xmm3
movdqa XMM4_SAVE_RSP(%rsp),%xmm4
movdqa XMM5_SAVE_RSP(%rsp),%xmm5
movdqa XMM6_SAVE_RSP(%rsp),%xmm6
movdqa XMM7_SAVE_RSP(%rsp),%xmm7
jmp Ldone
movl _features_lo32(%rip),%eax
movl _features_hi32(%rip),%edx
# call xsave with buffer on stack and eax:edx flag bits
xrstor (%rsp)
movq RDI_SAVE_RBP(%rbp),%rdi
movq RSI_SAVE_RBP(%rbp),%rsi
movq RDX_SAVE_RBP(%rbp),%rdx
movq RCX_SAVE_RBP(%rbp),%rcx
movq RBX_SAVE_RBP(%rbp),%rbx
movq RAX_SAVE_RBP(%rbp),%rax
movq R8_SAVE_RBP(%rbp),%r8
movq R9_SAVE_RBP(%rbp),%r9
movq %rbp,%rsp
popq %rbp
addq $16,%rsp # remove meta-parameters
jmp *%r11 # jmp to target
movdqa %xmm0, 0(%rsp)
# Cached info from cpuid. These must be lazily evaluated.
# You cannot initalize these from _dyld_initializer() because
# that function is called from another dylib...
_inited: .long 0
_features_lo32: .long 0
_features_hi32: .long 0
_bufferSize32: .long 0
_hasXSave: .long 0
#if __arm__
* sp+4 lazy binding info offset
* sp+0 address of ImageLoader cache
.align 2
.globl dyld_stub_binder
stmfd sp!, {r0,r1,r2,r3,r7,lr} // save registers
add r7, sp, #16 // point FP to previous FP
ldr r0, [sp, #24] // move address ImageLoader cache to 1st parameter
ldr r1, [sp, #28] // move lazy info offset 2nd parameter
#if __ARM_ARCH_7K__
vpush {d0, d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7}
sub sp, sp, #8 // Align stack to 16 bytes.
// call dyld::fastBindLazySymbol(loadercache, lazyinfo)
bl __Z21_dyld_fast_stub_entryPvl
mov ip, r0 // move the symbol`s address into ip
#if __ARM_ARCH_7K__
add sp, sp, #8
vpop {d0, d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7}
ldmfd sp!, {r0,r1,r2,r3,r7,lr} // restore registers
add sp, sp, #8 // remove meta-parameters
bx ip // jump to the symbol`s address that was bound
#endif /* __arm__ */
#if __arm64__
* sp+0 lazy binding info offset
* sp+8 address of ImageLoader cache
.align 2
.globl dyld_stub_binder
stp fp, lr, [sp, #-16]!
mov fp, sp
sub sp, sp, #240
stp x0,x1, [fp, #-16] ; x0-x7 are int parameter registers
stp x2,x3, [fp, #-32]
stp x4,x5, [fp, #-48]
stp x6,x7, [fp, #-64]
stp x8,x9, [fp, #-80] ; x8 is used for struct returns
stp q0,q1, [fp, #-128] ; q0-q7 are vector/fp parameter registers
stp q2,q3, [fp, #-160]
stp q4,q5, [fp, #-192]
stp q6,q7, [fp, #-224]
ldr x0, [fp, #24] ; move address ImageLoader cache to 1st parameter
ldr x1, [fp, #16] ; move lazy info offset 2nd parameter
; call dyld::fastBindLazySymbol(loadercache, lazyinfo)
bl __Z21_dyld_fast_stub_entryPvl
mov x16,x0 ; save target function address in lr
; restore parameter registers
ldp x0,x1, [fp, #-16]
ldp x2,x3, [fp, #-32]
ldp x4,x5, [fp, #-48]
ldp x6,x7, [fp, #-64]
ldp x8,x9, [fp, #-80]
ldp q0,q1, [fp, #-128]
ldp q2,q3, [fp, #-160]
ldp q4,q5, [fp, #-192]
ldp q6,q7, [fp, #-224]
mov sp, fp
ldp fp, lr, [sp], #16
add sp, sp, #16 ; remove meta-parameters
br x16