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Automatic Speech Recognition for Dutch

This repository contains the webservice component of the Dutch Speech Recognition system developed at by Emre Yilmaz, CLST, Radboud University, Nijmegen.

The webservice provides access to models for oral history interviews, parliamentary talks, and daily conversations.

The actual back-end scripts are a part of Kaldi-NL, which in turn builds upon kaldi, a toolkit for speech recognition.


For end-users and hosting partners, we provide a container image that ships with a web interface based on CLAM. Through this application some of our pretrained models are directly available for end-users. You can pull a prebuilt image from the Docker Hub registry using docker as follows:

$ docker pull proycon/asr_nl

Run the container as follows:

$ docker run -v /path/to/your/data:/data -p 8080:80 proycon/asr_nl

Ensure that the directory you pass is writable.

Assuming you run locally, the web interface can then be accessed on

If you want to deploy this service on your own infrastructure, you will want to set some of the environment variables defined in the Dockerfile when running the container, most notably the ones regarding authentication, as this is by default disabled and as such NOT suitable for production deployments.