A full web stack based on spring.
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A full web stack based on spring.

If you want to use it add the following dependency to your pom.

For Spring 3


For Spring 4


and add the following repository

        <url> http://opensource21.github.com/releases</url>

You can use the sample-app as a starting point. There you find a Readme.md which explains how to setup eclipse and some of the main-ideas. You can take the sample-app and remove all under the package example except the config. A clean maven archetype is on the todo-list.

If you want to see FuWeSta in action you can checkout SZE.


The advantages of FuWeSta are the following:

  • Get a set of jars which works together and well definied configuration (with Spring 4 not so important).

  • A clean integration of OVal Object Validation

  • A lot of validations (unique and optimistic-locking) see de.ppi.fuwesta.oval.validation.

  • MessageSource-Handling, specially to add information into the messages and recursive usage, see

    • de.ppi.fuwesta.spring.mvc.util.UrlDefinitionsToMessages,
    • de.ppi.fuwesta.spring.mvc.util.EntityPropertiesToMessages
    • de.ppi.fuwesta.spring.mvc.util.RecursivePropertiesPersister.
  • FileContentView

  • ResourceNotFoundException

  • Paginating-Support see de.ppi.fuwesta.spring.mvc.util.PageWrapper<T>

  • Good Exception-Handling de.ppi.fuwesta.spring.mvc.exception.BasicGlobalExceptionHandler

  • Enum-Converter de.ppi.fuwesta.spring.mvc.formatter.EnumConverter

  • Partial-Update, this means that you don't need to put all fields of an entity into hidden-field of a view. de.ppi.fuwesta.spring.mvc.bind.ServletBindingService

  • Thymeleaf Dialect for Bootstrap2

  • Thymeleaf Dialect for create mailto-urls.

I created small presentation.