BIMserver Q&A session 23 October 2015

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In the afternoon of Friday October 23 there will be a BIMserver (or actually open source BIM) Q&A Session in Eindhoven. This is the afternoon before the start of the AEC Hackathon (


Goal of the session is to steer everyone with questions in the right direction for a solution. We won't do the programming for you, but will help you when you are stuck, don't know the next step, or don't know where to start.

Just to be clear: there will be nó presentations. Show us your problem on your laptop and we'll go from there. In a way it is the same as the BIMserver breakfast events we did years ago. But this time you don't have to get up so damn early.


  • Eindhoven university of technology, the Netherlands
  • Vertigo Building (the green one)
  • Floor 9

We are guests at the "Information Systems in the Built Environment" group. When you come out of the elevators, take the right door. After going through that door you see the coffee machine and a big orange coach on the right side. This is where we meet.


Ruben (BIMserver), Thomas (IfcOpenShell) and Léon (serving coffee) will be there from 15.00 hours on. Join whenever you want. Not sure how long we will stay, because we will join the beer drinking event from afterwards.

  • a small request by AEChack organisation: We need to move chairs from Vertigo building to the Gaslab. If a few people could help us get chairs to the building next door after the session but before drinking beer ;-) this would be very much appreciated!


When you plan to attend, please put your name, e-mail and summary of your question(s) on this page. When you don't have a github account or don't understand how to edit this wiki, it's probably better not to attend.


There will be coffee, wifi and since we are at the ISBE group most likely a nice open atmosphere with lots of smart people walking around. Talking about lots of smart people walking around. This event is part of the openBIMweek. Have a look at for other events.

Oh, and yes... it's free.

Name; e-mail; question

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