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BCF Server and Forum

BCF Server is a Wordpress plugin to create a 'BCF topic server' from your wordpress installation (including a webservice API). Ready for BCF 2.0, communicating with
BimConsiderationForum is a html/javascript 'dashboard' that combines BIMserver, BIM Surfer and BCF Server into a single view.

BCF Forum impression

Background and solution approach

Read more about the history and solution approach in this paper (pdf)


This product was financed by:

  • Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research TNO (
  • Quinta Engineers ( Implementation was done under the supervision of the Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research TNO ( The idea to exchange status information about IFC objects came from ZEEP Architects (

This project uses BIM Surfer ( and relies on BIMserver ( and Wordpress (

Have a look at the wiki for more info:

potential roadmap (when funding)

  • integrate Forum as plugin in
  • implement Buildingsmart BCF REST API


Server and forum to communicate on BIM issues. BCF 2.0 compatible.



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