Eclipse setup with "Team project set"

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"Team projects sets" is a feature of Eclipse that allows you to quickly setup a large list of projects from multiple GIT repositories.


  • Start with an empty workspace
  • Go to File | Import | Team | Team Project Set
  • Select the TPS and import it, this can take a while

Sometimes eclipse has a problem loading big projects. If you have a lot of compile/dependency problems right away, you can try the following two things:

  • Project | Clean... (and then clear all projects), this will issue a complete recompile of everything
  • Right Mouse on a project | Maven | Update Project ... | Select all projects => Ok

Currently included repositories/projects

  • All core BIMserver projects (BimServer, BimServerJar, BimServerWar etc...)
  • BIMserver IfcOpenShell plugin
  • IfcPlugins
  • BinarySerializers
  • BIMsurfer (v1)
  • BIMserver JavaScript API

Content of the Team Project Set

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<psf version="2.0">
<provider id="org.eclipse.egit.core.GitProvider">
<project reference="1.0,,master,BimServer"/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,BimServerClientLib"/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,BimServerJar"/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,BimServerWar"/>
<project reference="1.0,,V1,."/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,."/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,BinarySerializers"/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,Console"/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,Documentation"/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,."/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,IfcPlugins"/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,."/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,PluginBase"/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,Shared"/>
<project reference="1.0,,master,Tests"/>
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