Memory usage

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A few notes about memory usage


The BIMserver uses quite some memory, this page will explain how it's used.


When you got a warning or error that your server is 'out of memory' you probably don't have enough HEAP size allocated. Increase your HEAP size (in console, in tomcat, in jetty, or whatever you use). The necessary height of the HEAP is difficult to predict because it depends on the number of objects in your IFC model (and not on the size of the IFC file). We usually test with a 12Gb HEAP size server setup, but 220Gb servers are also known to be used by some people.

BerkeleyDB Cache

BerkeleyDB (the database engine the BIMserver uses) has a setting for the amount of heap memory it can use for caching (which will speedup reads), we have set it to 25%. So if you give your BIMserver 4GB of heap, it will soon be using 1GB of memory for caching. You can change this and other parameters only if you build your own version of BIMserver

See [ the BerkeleyDB documentation] for more information

Compressed Oops

Running a 64bit system with less than 32GB of memory, you can use [ Compressed Ooops].

Update: This is by default enabled on recent OpenJDK 6 and 7 implementations, so you probably won't have to do anything.

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