New remote service interface

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Starting points

  • There are two roles, any application can provide just one of the roles, or both of them
    • A: Software that sends data to other software (B) Examples: CAD software (using e.g. IFC export), A BIMserver (after a user checks in)
    • B: Software that receives data from other software (A) Examples: Simulation software, BIMserver (simply storing the data, or running services).
  • Other than in the previous version, in this version, it should be possible to issue all communication from A. The main advantage being that no listening sockets have to be opened on A. This is useful on corporate networks (or even private networks) and when A is for example CAD software.
  • A service describes which input and which output formats it supports
  • All communication will be JSON. For two methods (sending and receiving data), there will be alternative methods that perform better
  • All authentication will be done with OAuth2

List of schemas

  • Ifc2x3tc1
  • Ifc4
  • BCF1.0
  • BCF2.0

List of formats

  • Step
  • Xml


Short name Content-Type URL
IFC_STEP_2X3TC1 application/ifc
IFC_STEP_4 application/ifc
IFC_XML_2x3TC1 application/ifcxml
IFC_XML_4 application/ifcxml
IFC_JSON_2x3TC1 application/json No formal specification
IFC_JSON_4 application/json No formal specification
IFC_JSON_GEOM_2x3TC1 application/json No formal specification
IFC_JSON_GEOM_4 application/json No formal specification
BCF_ZIP_1_0 application/zip
BCF_ZIP_2_0 application/zip
GLTF_1_0 model/gltf+json
GLTF_BIN_1_0 model/gltf.binary
COLLADA_1_5 model/vnd.collada+xml
KMZ_2_2_0 application/ .kml
BINARY_GEOMETRY_6 binarygeometry No formal specification
CITYGML_2_0_0 application/gml
VIS_3D_JSON_1_0 application/json
VALIDATION_JSON_1_0 application/json
LOD_CSV_1.0 text/csv
INFO_3D_EXCEL_1.0 application/excel
  • Setup OAuth
  • Setup ServiceConfig
long setData(String schema, byte[] data, String serviceConfigurationId);
Progress getProgress(long topicId);
byte[] getData(topicId);
ServiceDescriptor getServiceDescriptor(String serviceName);