The first open source WebGL based IFC viewer


Copyright 2014,
Bimsurfer is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.0.

New version 2014-03

A new version of BIMSurfer is developed to make BIM Surfer a module that can be integrated in 3rd party applications.


Because the new BIM Surfer is a module that has to be configured there is not really one demo. Also, because the API documentation is not finished yet, you have to know a bit about Javascript to understand how you can use the current version of BIM Surfer.
There are two example implementations though: Have a look at example1.html in the repository, or at the way the BCF Forum project used BIM Surfer:


There are not a lot of new features. The most important change is that BIM Surfer can now be used as a module. This enhances integration with your own applications.


BIM Surfer installation

To deploy BIM Surfer locally on your machine:

  1. Download a release and extract it into a folder somewhere.
  2. Open one of the examples using a WebGL compatible web browser.

To deploy BIM Surfer on a web server (e.g. apache):

BIM Surfer is a client-side application. Thus, it is very easy to deploy on a web server.

  1. Simply place the code into a statically accessible directory on your server.
  2. Point a compatible web browser (see below) to the url.

One advantage of deploying BIM Surfer on a web server is that it obviates the need to circumvent certain cross-domain security policies that crop up when running the application locally.

BIMserver Installation

In order to load IFC models into BIM Surfer you will first need to connect to a running BIMserver. For now it is recommended to use the latest version of BIMserver in development.

Running BIMsurfer locally on your computer

Modern web browsers have security measures built in to prevent applications from accessing your computer. Google for some answers.

Embedding BIMsurfer into another web page

BIM Surfer now has an API to embed a viewer for your needs in one of your applications. When you are a developer it should be easy to read the source and find our how it works.

Third party libraries and licenses

Third party libraries used in this project:

  • jQuery Licenses: licenses/LICENSE-jquery-mit, licenses/LICENSE-jquery-gpl
  • jQuery UI Licenses: licenses/LICENSE-jqueryui-mit, licenses/LICENSE-jqueryui-gpl
  • SceneJS Licenses: licenses/LICENSE-scenejs-mit, licenses/LICENSE-scenejs-gpl
  • glMatrix Licenses: See the inline license in static/lib/scenejs/scenejs.math.js