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Releases: opensourceBIM/floorplan-generator

COBie Floorplan Generator Plugin v1.0 - beta

16 Oct 15:02
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This is a Plug-in for BIMserver 1.4 that creates a 2D HTML/java script enabled floorplan with access to COBie data.

How to use:

  1. Export a model using the "COBie FloorMap Serializer"
  2. Download, open, and extract the .zip file that is produced by the serializer
  3. Publish these resources on a Web Server. Chrome users can use the lightweight local Webserver plugin .
  4. Open the index.html page in your Web browser.

Step #3 is necessary due to common browser security configurations related to access of local .html resources. These settings can be disabled, but this is not recommended. A future release may eliminate the requirement for viewing the floorplan as an http resource. Some illustrations will also be posted soon to demonstrate how to setup a quick and dirty local Web server.

In version 1.0 you must install Java3D/J3D locally to use the floorplan generator - the plugin uses this library to perform geometry calculations:
For windows users, download the latest relevant (x86 or x64) release under the Installers heading.

Future versions of this code will eliminate the requirement for J3D client installation.

Portions of this code were originally contributed by the US Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research Development Center in cooperation with the National Institute of Building Sciences and its various COBie related projects.