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The goal here is to create a proper "job board" that pairs open source people and projects in need design work with designers who can do those tasks. It will be a mixture of both gratis as well as paying work. A job can be relatively small task to an entire project. I think the ideal balance would be a mixture of about:

  • 25% small singular tasks
  • 15% new or fork of an existing project
  • 60% product / feature development on existing projects

Note: this process is rough and a work in progress, please free to contribute ideas, approaches, and of course jobs :)

Submit a Job

Our job submission process is done "in the open" so if you work on an open source software project or community, feel free to submit a job to our job board. Just do the following:

Easy Web Form

  1. Go to our form and fill in the details,
  2. Submit the form,
  3. Wait for us to approve your job posting,
  4. Have a margarita or a hot chocolate.

Using Terminal (for nerds)

  1. Fork the jobs repo
  2. Copy job-template.md into the jobs folder and change the name
  3. Name your copy something like 2015-03-12-sticker-design-for-fun.md starting with date
  4. Make sure there is a .md extension to the file you copied or it won't work
  5. Fill out the fields inside the template you just copied
  6. Submit a pull request
  7. Have a margarita or hot chocolate

After those steps you will have submitted a job to the OSD job board, you rule ;)

View job listings.