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The goal here is to create a proper "job board" that pairs open source people and projects in need design work with designers who can do those tasks. It will be a mixture of both gratis as well as paying work. A job can be relatively small task to an entire project. I think the ideal balance would be a mixture of about:

  • 25% small singular tasks
  • 15% new or fork of an existing project
  • 60% product / feature development on existing projects

Note: this process is rough and a work in progress, please free to contribute ideas, approaches, and of course jobs :)

Submit a Job

Our job submission process is done "in the open" so if you work on an open source software project or community, feel free to submit a job to our job board. Just do the following:

Easy Web Form

  1. Go to our form and fill in the details,
  2. Submit the form,
  3. Wait for us to approve your job posting,
  4. Have a margarita or a hot chocolate.

Using Terminal (for nerds)

  1. Fork the jobs repo
  2. Copy into the jobs folder and change the name
  3. Name your copy something like starting with date
  4. Make sure there is a .md extension to the file you copied or it won't work
  5. Fill out the fields inside the template you just copied
  6. Submit a pull request
  7. Have a margarita or hot chocolate

After those steps you will have submitted a job to the OSD job board, you rule ;)

View job listings.

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Status: accepted values for job status are searching and closed


šŸ’¼ Post your open source design jobs, and find open source design to work on!





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