🎨 A repository for official (and unofficial) logos so no more hunting on the wild world web
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This is places to collect official (and unofficial) logos! Eventually we can add this our public site once we get some content in here!

Use Cases

Some potential uses cases and ways to use this repository are:

  • No more hunting on the wild world web when you need to add logos for a project
  • Share design experiments and derivative logos and experiments with others
  • Get inspiration for new work you're doing

If the above sounds like a good goal to you, please contribute your projects logo!


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Determine if your logo is official by considering if you meet one (or more) of the following conditions:
  • You officially created / work on a project
  • You have authorized rights to handle media assets
  • You designed the logo yourself and hold copyright
  • The logo is licensed openly or is in public domain
  1. If you meet none of above criteria match your situation, add your logo to the unofficial directory
  2. Create a sub folder such as offcial/project-name/
  3. Add as many source assets as possible
  4. Add a LICENSE file to folder
  5. Submit a pull request

Note: if you're unsure about license or ownership of a logo, please mention this in your pull request