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We're always excited to have new contributors. Our community is diverse in ages, cultures, and interests so we like to operate under the motto:

If you have a creative idea or something you want bring to the table, just do it ;-)

However, it can also be good to check-in if you're new and unsure about things. Please read our code of conduct and take a moment to consider how you can best contribute to Open Source Design.


Website and all public facing web content that does have it's own repository


Jobs submitted to Open Source Design which end up on the public job board


Events that are relevant and relate to design and open source and design


Activities related to people interested in growing, developing, and working within the OSD community.


Our other Github repositories are experimental and undecided exactly what to best do. Among those are:

  • Logos - a collection of remixes.
  • Fonts - some highlights of nice FOSS licensed friendly fonts.
  • Icons - original creations and works-in-progress.
  • Patterns - of common UX patterns in open and proprietary software.
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