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This is a repo for people interested in joining, helping run, and/or working as a part of the Open Source Design community. This respository is for things like


Our community is spread across various services and maintained by various people. If you've got any questions about those services, please reach out to those people who can help.


To create legimately usable Free software application that are usable and well designed, funding is of utmost importance. This section of the OSD is dedicated to documenting potential avenues of funding as well as providing resources, options towards funding!

Types of Funding

The main categories of funding that seem most relevant and battled tested in produced decent results are:

  • Crowdfunding
  • End User Purchases
  • Grants
  • Industry Partnerships

Non-Monetary Funding

  • Employees who are allowed to work "part-time" on personal projects
  • People who commit to finishing X, Y, and Z features (not money but just as good?)


...to be added...


Please read our draft-in-progress community by-laws