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A "Slack" inspired theme that pushes the boundaries of the Shout IRC Client. The current Shout build does not support a theme this drastic yet, but there is a branch of Shout under development that does :)


Thanks for your interest, but not much has happened over the last month (May - June). Dev will resume, and it will be finish soon, hopefully. Ping @bnvk and help lend a hand ;)


To install and use this theme in your Shout client do the following:

  • Make sure you have NodeJS and Bower installed
  • Clone Shout with new theme branch git clone -b theme-support
  • Navigate to the repo cd shout
  • Install Node dependencies npm install
  • Configure Shout node index.js config
  • Run Shout to test it is set up correctly node index.js (Ignore for now, you need to install the theme first)

Now it's time to install the Slick theme

  • Navigate into the themes folder cd themes
  • Clone the Slick theme
  • Edit the Shout config file node ~/shout/index.js config on MacOS or Linux
theme: {
  name: "slick",
  title: "Your Site or Name",
  channels: true
  • Go back to the main directory cd ../
  • Start Shout up again node index.js

Still very much a work in progress... lend a hand :)


To help develop the Slick theme, you will need to run Grunt to recompile the JS and styles

  • Navigate to the cd themes/slick folder
  • Install Node dependencies npm install
  • Install Bower dependencies bower install
  • To Compile LESS styles into CSS grunt watch hangs & listens for updates to files
  • To modify the HTML templates in views/*.tmp files run grunt build


The main inspiration for this theme is to close the gap between open source devs and designers. A lot of devs and Debian users still love IRC. However, a lot designers (and an increasing number of devs) are liking Slack (and other similar GUI chat clients) more and more. The goal of Slick is to improve IRC's usability to match that of Slack.

Chat with the OSD Community

Until the Slick theme is totally ready, you can use this web interface for our chat room.

If you know how to use IRC, you can also just connect to #opensourcedesign on using your normal IRC client ;)