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Welcome to the new Open Source Rails. We've revamped the site as a simple static site generator for more speed, easier updates, and maintenance by a larger open source community.


Submitting a new Project

We're managing new project submission via Github Issues. You can also send us a pull request.

Submit a new Project here

Submitting a Blog Post

You can also submit a guest blog post on Open Source Rails about your project (installation instructions, walkthrough guides, tips/tricks). If it's of high quality, we'll merge it in and feature it on our site.

You can either write the blog post as a github issue (in markdown), or fork the code of the site and check it in as blog/posts/[title].md

Getting it running locally

To help add features, write content, or tweak/fix the site, you can check out the project from github. We're using a static site generated called Middleman

Dev Instructions

git clone
rake github_data # generates data/github.yml (for dynamic sorting of projects)
bundle exec middleman server -p 3000

You should now be able to access the site locally at http://localhost:3000

You can also start Guard in a new Terminal tab with bundle exec guard -g assets. If you have LiveReload Chrome extension installed, it will automatically update your browser as you make changes.


OpenSourceRails is hosted on Surge. If you are a maintainer and you don't have access, then email us at

Setup Surge first:

npm install -g surge

To deploy to, just run:

rake deploy

This will pull the latest dynamic github data, rebuild the middleman site, then push to Netflify server.

Github rate limits

If you get github exceptions about rate limitations (default is just 60/per hour per ip address), you'll need to authenticate your machine via .netrc

echo 'machine login MyGithubUserName password MyAccessToken' >> ~/.netrc

replace MyGithubUserName and MyAccessToken with your github username and personal access token (create an access token here).

If this is there, then it shouldn't have a problem with the rate limit (its bumped to 5k/hr).


The visual design / styles for this site is copyrighted and not owned by Open Source Rails. We have obtained a license to use it on a single site. If you'd like to use this site for your own purposes, please purchase a license for the design here: SimpleThings.

Aside from the JS and CSS, all other code for this site is licensed under MIT.


Want to help maintain opensourcerails? It involves looking at projects, helping organize screenshots, and collaborating with the other maintainer team. About 1hr a week. Email us at and we'll get you on it.