OSR quagga repository - This is a opensourcerouting.org clone of the official Quagga with some extra testing branches. All our changes are scheduled to go into the official Quagga. Please use official GIT of Quagga from git://git.savannah.nongnu.org/quagga.git. See http://www.nongnu.org/quagga/ for the offical Quagga Homepage and mailing lists. …
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Signed-off-by: Martin Winter <mwinter@opensourcerouting.org>
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OpenSourceRouting moved from Quagga to FRR

Please note that this repo is no longer updated.

As of April 2017, OpenSourceRouting / NetDEF moved to work on the FRRouting fork.

The new FRRrouting fork has it's master git on Github at https://github.com/frrouting. Everyone is welcome to join the new fork. Please open Pull Requests and Issues against FRR on the Github page.

All the branches on this Quagga Mirror are now frozen and won't be updated (They are still there - just select the master or any other branch)