A wiki based asset-management / manual management system for hackerspaces
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Gear Book: Informal gear management for hackerspaces

The moving parts are:

* labels: The label generator *
Produces a stak of PDFs that make it easy to print
the labels needed, each label contains a QR code which links into the
database and some tags, like "Do Not Hack" and "Borrowed, take extra care".

* wiki: The database *
Unlike more formal systems, the database which holds the list of equipment
is simply an existing wiki system, in the case of OSAA, it's just media wiki
with a bunch of infoboxen that make sense to us, YMMV and so on.

* server: Equipment registrator *
This is a simple web application written in java which uses ZXing to recognize
QR codes in photos and semi-automagically turn a stream of photos into
new gear registrations.