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This is a quick description of the PhotonSaw project and an index to the rest of the wiki.

The basic idea is to build a large 80W LASER cutter for OSAA and as a side-effect have some fun learning about mechanics, optics, stepper motors, cooling, svg, g-code, postscript and lots of other interesting techniques.

User manual.

The host-based software is designed to be able to import different types of files, but the best and first format implemented is SVG.

Different materials require different settings, so we try to keep a list of SuccessfulLaserSettings here.

Rough plan of attack

These are the critical main parts of the project:

  1. Buy the LaserSystem, 80 Watt CO2 LASER and PSU and play around with it. -Done
  2. Buy Optics - Done
  3. Build Mechanics (X/Y/Z robot and enclosure) - Done
  4. Build Electronics (PSUs, Stepper drivers). - Done
  5. Code Software (g-code interpreter, postscript-to-gcode, access control, web server) - Done'ish
  6. Install at OSAA (plumb into power, network and exhaust) - Done'ish


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