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Electronics and software stack:


This is the users own machine, running Inkscape or any other drawing program that talks to the lasers CUPS server over the network. Alternatively any program can be used to generate postscript or pdf which can be uploaded via the web interface.


The server will be a small Linux machine sitting inside the laser cabinet itself, jobs are submitted via CUPS as print jobs, uploaded via the web interface or delivered via USB stick.

CUPS (generic printer interface for unixen) uses Ghostscript (turns vectors and rasters in postscript into gcode) which can then be stored, ready for lasering.

This should probably be an improved version of the converter from LAOS

Improvements I want over LAOS: Remapping of greyscale to intensity in the server and queue management in the server.

Controller board

The controller board which houses the g-code interpreter and the stepper motor drivers has its own page here: ControllerBoard

Auxiliary MCU: Safety watchdog

The AuxMCU has its own page

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