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OpenSPARKL Example Configurations and Mixes
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OpenSPARKL Examples

OpenSPARKL Project Home

To use an example

  1. Save it to your local file system as an xml file.

See shortcut below on how to import all example configurations in one go.

  1. Open the SPARKL Developer Console
  2. Log into an existing account or create a new one
    • To create a new account:
      1. Click Create a New Account
      2. Enter your e-mail address
      3. Enter your chosen password twice
      4. Try not to forget it
  3. Import the xml file
  4. Run it in the Developer Console

Bulk importing all example configurations


  • Python 2.7 - get it from here
  • Git - get it from here
  • The SPARKL CLI - get it from here
  • An existing SPARKL user account


  1. Clone the examples repository.
$ git clone
  1. From the python_scripts directory run the script.
$ cd examples/python_scripts
$ python
  1. Follow the instructions on the terminal screen.

If you choose not to import all examples, the script offers them one by one for importing.

Enter your SPARKL instance URL: http://localhost:8000
Connected to http://localhost:8000 using alias this_import_alias
Enter your username:
Password: **************
Logged in as
Import all examples? y/n y

All the selected SPARKL example configurations are imported to your user tree at the specified SPARKL instance. The script also creates the Scratch and Lib folders in your SPARKL user tree if they are not already there.

See this readme on the library configurations saved under the Lib folder.

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