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File Sync example

This example uses a middleware mix to push changes from a master directory tree to one or more slave directories.

Middleware mix (click to view, right-click to save):

Video of this example (4 minutes):


  • Use git clone https://opensparkl/examples to clone this repo
  • The master and slave agents use the sse_cli
  • The master.py agent uses the watchdog utility which must be installed first.


  1. Change to the Examples/FileSync directory and save it as $PKG_DIR
    cd Examples/FileSync
    export PKG_DIR=`pwd`
  2. Connect and login to an OpenSPARKL node
    sparkl connect http://localhost:8000
    sparkl login admin@localhost
  3. Upload the middleware mix to, say, the Scratch folder
    sparkl put FileSync.xml Scratch
  4. Create an empty master directory and slave directory
  5. Go into the master directory, then start the master agent in it
    sparkl service -p $PKG_DIR Scratch/FileSync/Master master
  6. Go into the slave directory, then start the slave agent in it
    sparkl service -p $PKG_DIR Scratch/FileSync/Slave slave

Now go ahead and make changes to the master directory, see them propagated to the slave.