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Cameroon Budget Transparency

This project covers efforts to make budgetary documents from a range of regions in Cameroon accessible and understandable to political decision makers in the country and to members of the international community.

Datasets in this repository:

  • investment_budget has the national project investment budget. The data was extracted from PDFs and is unusable in its current state.
  • north_west is the budget of the north-west region. it has some rough overview of the total budget but also lays out investments per administrative division in some detail. It has been processed in Refine to make the investments part into a full, denormalized dataset.
  • transparency_index contains survey data collected from some municipalities in the north-west region on how transparent and accountable the distribution of funds is handled in their communities. It also contains some scans of the actual surveys.
  • local_councils has budgets from some of the local councils and some data that still needs to be cleaned up.
  • shapefiles is a collection of map files from the site and a joint project by GIZ and the government of Cameroon.