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Website for "Where does Cameroon's Money Go?"

This contains the web frontend to the Cameroon budget site, a front-end to the OpenSpending platform built in cooperation with the World Bank.

Initialize the repository

To run the site for local development, follow these steps:

  • Install Jekyll
  • Make sure you're on the branch gh-pages
  • Fetch the openspendingjs submodule with:
    • git submodule init
    • git submodule update

Generate the site

The site can be generated with this command from the repository root:

jekyll serve --watch 

This will run an HTTP server at port 4000 to serve the site.


The data on the site comes from 2 datasets: cm-budgets and cm-pib.


This contains the data for the Councils' Budget pages. The source CSV has the columns:

  • Head-account
  • Head-account description
  • Sub-account
  • Sub-account description
  • Year
  • Reporting type
    • ACTUAL
    • BUDGET
  • Amount
  • Revenue/Expenditure
  • Recurrent/Investment
  • Expense type
  • Region
    • Extrême-Nord
    • Nord
    • Adamaoua
    • Est
    • Sud
    • Centre
    • Ouest
    • Nord-Ouest
    • Sud-Ouest
    • Littoral
  • Council
  • Division type
    • REGION

The sub-bullet points describe the valid values for that specific column.