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Fiscal Data Package


Fiscal Data Package is a simple, open technical specification for government budget and spending data.

It is lightweight and user-oriented specification which aims to be extremely easy to use both for those publishing data (e.g. governments) and for those wanting to use the data (such as researchers and journalists).

Get started

Read the full RFC-style specification for the Fiscal Data Package format.

Additional Materials

fiscal-data-package.json (hosted in the frictionlessdata/schemas repository) contains a JSON schema for Fiscal Data Package metadata.

Note: this JSON schema only specifies the basic structure of the metadata descriptor. It does not check fine-grained properties like the required fields associated with different dataset types, and it does not specify the well-formedness of CSV datasets.


Fiscal Data Package is an open specification. Development is led by Open Knowledge in collaboration with the World Bank and GIFT, the Global Initiative on Fiscal Transparency.

Development closely involves the community of users -- including data producers, intermediaries, and consumers.

You can already contribute to the development process by leaving suggestions and queries in the issue tracker.