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The OpenSpending community project aims to build and use open source tools and datasets to gather and analyse the financial transactions of governments around the world. Only by understanding the financial transactions that are made in their name can citizens hope to hold government to account, and begin to effect positive change they wish to se…
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OpenSpending is a project to make government finances easier to explore and understand. It started out as "Where does my money go", a platform to visualize the United Kingdom's state finance, but has been renamed and restructured to allow arbitrary financial data to be loaded and displayed. The main use for the software is the site which aims to track government finance around the world.

Developer installation

Please see doc/install.rst or

Issue tracking

Please report bugs and submit feature requests at


OpenSpending's code is licensed under the GNU Affero Licence except where otherwise indicated. A copy of this licence is available in the file LICENSE.txt

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