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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import json
import click
from . import actions, helpers, services, compat
click.disable_unicode_literals_warning = True
def cli():
"""Open Spending CLI.
'action', default='read',
type=click.Choice(['locate', 'ensure', 'read', 'write']))
@click.argument('data', default='{}')
def config(action, data):
"""Interact with config in .openspendingrc,
action (str): one of 'locate', 'ensure', read', 'write'
- 'locate' will return the location of the config file
- 'ensure' will check a config exists and write one in $HOME if not
- 'read' will return the currently active config
- 'write' will add additional JSON data to config and return config
# Locate
if action == 'locate':
path = services.config.locate()
if not path:
path = 'null'
# Ensure
if action == 'ensure':
path = services.config.ensure()
# Read
if action == 'read':
config =
click.echo(json.dumps(config, indent=4, ensure_ascii=False))
# Write
if action == 'write':
data = json.loads(data)
config = services.config.write(**data)
click.echo(json.dumps(config, indent=4, ensure_ascii=False))
except Exception:
raise ValueError('Data is a not valid config in JSON format.')
@click.argument('subcommand', type=click.Choice(['model', 'data']))
@click.option('--interactive', is_flag=True)
def validate(subcommand, datapackage, interactive):
"""Validate an Open Spending Data Package descriptor/data.
subcommand (str): one of 'model' or 'data'
- 'model' will validate a model
- 'data' will validate a data
datapackage (str): path to datapackage
interactive (bool): use interactive approach
# Vaildate model
if subcommand == 'model':
# Prepare
msg_success = ('Congratulations, the data package looks good!')
msg_error = ('While checking the data, we found some found some '
'issues: \n{0}\nRead more about required fields in '
'Open Spending Data Package here: {1}')
url = (''
# Run action
action = actions.ValidateModel(datapackage)
if action.success:
click.echo(, url)))
# Validate data
if subcommand == 'data':
# Prepare
msg_success = (
'\nCongratulations, the data looks good! You can now move on\n'
'to uploading your new data package to Open Spending!')
msg_context = (
'IMPORTANT: Not all errors are necessarily because of\n'
'invalid data. It could be that the schema needs adjusting\n'
'in order to represent the data more accurately.')
guide_url = (''
# Run action
action = actions.ValidateData(datapackage)
success =
if success:
click.echo(, fg='green'))
report = actions.ValidateData.display_report(action.reports)
click.echo(, fg='blue'))
click.echo(, fg='yellow'))
click.echo('Read the guide for help:\n')
@click.argument('datapackage', default='.', type=click.Path(exists=True))
def upload(datapackage):
"""Upload an Open Spending Data Package to storage.
Requires valid API key.
datapackage (str): path to datapackage
# Decode datapackage from utf-8
if isinstance(datapackage, compat.bytes):
datapackage = datapackage.decode('utf-8')
# Don't proceed without a config
if not services.config.locate():
msg = ('Uploading requires a config file. See the configuration '
'section of the README for more information: '
click.echo(, fg='red'))
# Don't proceed not valid datapackage
valid, msg = helpers.is_datapackage(datapackage)
if not valid:
click.echo(, fg='red'))
# Don't proceed not open spending data package
checker = actions.ValidateModel(datapackage)
if not checker.success:
msg = ('While checking the data, we found some found some '
'issues: \n{0}\nRead more about required fields '
'in Open Spending Data Packages here: {1}')
url = (''
click.echo(, url), fg='red'))
# Notify about uploading start
msg = 'Your data is now being uploaded to Open Spending.'
click.echo(, fg='green'))
# Upload
action = actions.Upload(datapackage)
except Exception as exception:
click.echo( + '\n', fg='red'))
click.echo(, fg='red'))
# Notify about uploading end
msg = 'Your data is now live on Open Spending!'
click.echo(, fg='green'))
def version():
"""Display the version and exit.
# Notify no version for now
msg = 'There is no version tracking yet.'
# Run `python -m oscli/cli`
if __name__ == '__main__':