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Comprehensive MDT & FOG deployment / Toolkit Project
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Comprehensive MDT & FOG Deployment Toolkit

Goal: Continually generate, package, and distribute MDT deployment shares for remote deployment via a 100% hands off process

Basic flow: 1.) Build MDT share

2.) Copy to local Git repo

3.) Push to cloud Git repo

4.) Pull to client git repo

5.) Deploy via FOG

Four main elements:

  • MDT Build Environment:

    • Scheduled weekly MDT source updates - easy, DONE
      • Purge of Office installer - easy, DONE
      • Purge Ninite apps - easy, DONE
    • Scheduled weekly purge of outdated MDT sources - moderate, DONE
      • Download and import of Office installer via ODT - moderate, DONE
      • Download and import of specified Ninite apps - moderate, DONE
    • Update task sequence to new Office / Ninite - difficult, DONE
      • Update build task sequence with new Office - difficult, DONE
      • Update build task sequence with new Ninite - difficult, DONE
      • Rebuild of build deployment shares - easy, DONE
    • Capture WIM - moderate
      • Start capture VM - easy
      • Wait for finish - easy
    • Update deploy task sequence to new OS
      • Purge deployment OS - easy, DONE
      • Update deploy TS with new OS - moderate, DONE
      • Rebuild of FOG deployment shares - easy, DONE
    • Copy FOG deployment share from MDT to FOG home repo - easy, DONE
  • FOG Home Repo:

    • Git commit new MDT share - trivial
    • Git commit FOG configuration changes - trivial
    • Git push to cloud repo - trivial
  • FOG Cloud Repo:

    • Function as Git server for pushes from home - trivial
    • Function as Git server for pulls from clients - trivial
  • FOG Client Servers:

    • Scheduled git pull from FOG cloud repo - trivial
    • Symlink drivers in MDT share to FOG virtual driver store - difficult, DONE
      • Probably best to parse MDT "Out-of-Box Drivers" xml via Python - difficult, DONE
    • Script FOG vanilla deployment driver installation - difficult, DONE
    • Create "Boot to MDT" FOG task - easy, DONE
      • (Non-essential) Build to full fledged deployment task via APIs - moderate
    • (Additional Feature) FOG Advanced Tasks:
      • (Additional Feature) Enable & clear Windows local Administrator password - easy
      • (Additional Feature) Back up C:\Users to FOG share - easy
      • (Additional Feature) Boot to live Lubuntu with SSH and VNC running - moderate
      • (Additional Feature) Improve / chain existing FOG advanced tasks into automated workflows - moderate
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