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# encoding: utf-8
ar = Country.find_by_key!( 'ar' )
br = Country.find_by_key!( 'br' )
cl = Country.find_by_key!( 'cl' )
py = Country.find_by_key!( 'py' )
uy = Country.find_by_key!( 'uy' )
ec = Country.find_by_key!( 'ec' )
co = Country.find_by_key!( 'co' )
teams = [
['tigre', 'Club Atlético Tigre|CA Tigre|Tigre', ar ],
['colon', 'CA Colón|Club Atlético Colón (Santa Fe)', ar],
['independiente', 'Independiente|CA Independiente de Avellaneda', ar],
['saopaulo', 'São Paulo FC|São Paulo|Sao Paulo|FC Sao Paulo|Sao Paulo SP', br ],
['gremio', 'Grêmio Porto Alegre|Grêmio|Gremio Porto Alegre|Gremio RS', br ],
['palmeiras', 'SE Palmeiras São Paulo|SE Palmeiras|Palmeiras|Palmeiras SP', br],
['atleticogo', 'Atlético Goianiense|Atlético GO|Atletico GO', br],
['udechile', 'Universidad de Chile|U. de Chile|Club Universidad de Chile', cl ],
['cduc', 'Universidad Católica|CDUC|CD Universidad Católica', cl],
['millonarios', 'Millonarios Bogotá|Millonarios|Millonarios FC', co ],
['quito', 'Deportivo Quito|Club Deportivo Quito', ec],
['emelec', 'CS Emelec|Emelec|Club Sport Emelec', ec],
['loja', 'LDU Loja|LDU de Loja|Liga de Loja', ec],
['barcelonasc', 'Barcelona SC Guayaquil|Barcelona SC|Barcelona Guayaquil', ec],
['liverpoolfc', 'Liverpool FC Montevideo|Liverpool FC|Liverpool Fútbol Club|Liverpool Montevideo', uy],
['porteno', 'Cerro Porteño|Club Cerro Porteño', py ],
Team.create_from_ary!( teams, club: true )
Prop.create!( key: 'db.copa.teams.version', value: '1' )
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