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The following utilities are included in the official alsa-utils package.

  • aconnect - ALSA sequencer connection manager
  • alsaconf
    • The ALSA driver configurator script
  • alsactl - An utility for soundcard settings management
  • alsamixer - A ncurses mixer
  • amidi - A utility to send/receive sysex dumps or other MIDI data
  • amixer - A command line mixer
  • aplay/arecord - An utility for the playback/capture of .wav,.voc,.au files
  • aplaymidi
  • aseqdump
  • aseqnet
  • iecset
    • A utility to show/set the IEC958 status bits
  • speaker-test - Command-line speaker test tone generator for ALSA

You can get the current package as well as older versions at

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