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This is the wiki page about Creative Labs Audigy LS alsa driver. It's called snd-ca0106 - formerly known as snd-audigyls.

Important: Audigy LS cards do not work with the EMU10K1-driver!

Below information is taken from James Courtier-Dutton's comments in the driver sources.

Supported cards

  1. SB Audigy LS
  2. SB Live 24bit - capture from analog inputs already works fine

FEATURES currently supported

  • Front, Rear and Center/LFE.

  • Surround40 and Surround51.

  • Capture from MIC an LINE IN input.

  • SPDIF digital playback of PCM stereo and AC3/DTS works.

  • (One can use a standard mono mini-jack to one RCA plugs cable.

  • or one can use a standard stereo mini-jack to two RCA plugs cable.

  • Plug one of the RCA plugs into the Coax input of the external decoder/receiver.)

  • ( In theory one could output 3 different AC3 streams at once, to 3 different SPDIF outputs. )

  • Notes on how to capture sound:

  • The AC97 is used in the PLAYBACK direction.

  • The output from the AC97 chip, instead of reaching the speakers, is fed into the Philips 1361T ADC.

  • So, to record from the MIC, set the MIC Playback volume to max,

  • unmute the MIC and turn up the MASTER Playback volume.

  • So, to prevent feedback when capturing, minimise the "Capture feedback into Playback" volume.

  • The only playback controls that currently do anything are: -

  • Analog Front

  • Analog Rear

  • Analog Center/LFE

  • Analog Side ( controls the side speakers when adressing them directely through hw:0,3 )

  • SPDIF Front

  • SPDIF Rear

  • SPDIF Center/LFE

  • SPDIF Unknown ( couldn't test it but i assume this does the same as analog side for digital. )

  • For capture from Mic in or Line in.

  • Digital/Analog ( switch must be in Analog mode for CAPTURE. )

  • CAPTURE feedback into PLAYBACK

  • To capture sound with the SB Live 24bit analog input you must set the "Digital source" control to "i2s in".

Hardware information

  • Model: SB0310

    • P17 Chip: CA0106-DAT
    • AC97 Codec: STAC 9721
    • ADC: Philips 1361T (Stereo 24bit)
    • DAC: WM8746EDS (6-channel, 24bit, 192Khz)
  • Model: SB0410

    • P17 Chip: CA0106-DAT
    • AC97 Codec: None
    • ADC: WM8775EDS (4 Channel)
    • DAC: CS4382 (114 dB, 24-Bit, 192 kHz, 8-Channel D/A Converter with DSD Support)
    • SPDIF Out control switches between Mic in and SPDIF out.
  • Model: SB0413

    • P17 Chip: CA0106-DAT
    • AC97 Codec: None.
    • ADC: Unknown
    • DAC: Unknown
    • Trying to handle it like the SB0410.

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