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This site is dedicated to open source content produced with open source software by people who care

If you have created your own audio or visual content using freely available software then please feel free to contact admin at opensrc dot org and ask for an account to upload and manage your project via FTP so that others can also contribute. Feel free to edit any page and add some information about Open Source content or the software to produce it. Have a look at this article if you have never used a site like this before.

  • Alsa Opensrc Org - The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Wiki
  • Free Audio Software - Free and/or open source audio software
  • Free Video Software - Free and/or open source video software
  • Free Software Musicians - Music produced with free and/or open source software
  • Rad IO - Streaming open source audio and RSS/Atom feeds
  • OggShow - An area for podcast-like shows in lo-fi Ogg/Vorbis format
  • MediaDistributions - CD Open Source A/V production suites
  • Free Content Links - Links to sites that offer freely downloadable content

Local Projects

  • allie - Stuart Allie's music
  • esm - East Side Militia by Pete Bessman
  • jave - JAVE by Joakim Verona
  • radio - Miscellaneous ogg/mp3 audio files

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