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crypto/bn/asm/ minor optimization.

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dot-asm committed Sep 9, 2013
1 parent ce45559 commit 72a158703bf2b33f4eba6920302941560f7a848d
Showing with 3 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +3 −13 crypto/bn/asm/
@@ -1378,7 +1378,6 @@
lea 8*8($nptr),$nptr
xor %rax,%rax
mov 8(%rsp),%rdx # pull end of t[]
xor $carry,$carry
cmp 0(%rsp),$nptr # end of n[]?
jae .L8x_no_tail
@@ -1491,17 +1490,10 @@
.align 32
add (%rdx),%r8 # can this overflow?
adc \$0,%r9
adc \$0,%r10
adc \$0,%r11
adc \$0,%r12
adc \$0,%r13
adc \$0,%r14
adc \$0,%r15
sbb %rax,%rax
xor %rax,%rax
neg $carry
adc 8*0($tptr),%r8
adc 8*1($tptr),%r9
adc 8*2($tptr),%r10
@@ -1510,9 +1502,7 @@
adc 8*5($tptr),%r13
adc 8*6($tptr),%r14
adc 8*7($tptr),%r15
sbb $carry,$carry
neg %rax
sub $carry,%rax # top-most carry
adc \$0,%rax # top-most carry
mov 40(%rsp),$nptr # restore $nptr

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