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Remove redundant attribute definitions

I think this was the result of a bad merge; the content being removed is
also relatively outdated.

Change-Id: I43d3dca074e9c2a6aa243660428a4f6978e09939
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dolph committed Nov 15, 2012
1 parent e556317 commit 24b943e2433cb51581229a20af8d5c51879a3907
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@@ -387,17 +387,6 @@ Optional attributes:
user's convenience. Therefore, the referenced project does not need to exist
within the user's domain.
-- `description` (string)
- References the domain which owns the user. If a domain is not specified, the
- identity service implementation **must** automatically assign one.
-- `project_id` (string)
- References the user's default project to authorize against, if the API user
- does not explicitly specify one. Setting this attribute does not grant any
- actual authorization on the project, and is merely provided for convenience.
- `description` (string)
- `enabled` (boolean)

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