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OpenStack bundles

This repository contains development and stable Juju bundles that deploy OpenStack with MAAS as a backing cloud. The OpenStack Charms are used within the bundles.

Local customization

Bundles are configured with default values. These values may not apply in the environment being deployed. It may be necessary to update these settings for a successful deployment. In particular, set the following to the appropriate local values:

ceph-osd: comment: SET osd-devices to match your environment options: osd-devices: /dev/sdb /dev/vdb

neutron-gateway: comment: SET data-port to match your environment options: data-port: br-ex:eno2

Bundle Issues

If there are specific issues with the bundle yaml files, or the READMEs shipped with those bundles, please raise a bug against the openstack-bundles project in Launchpad:

MAAS or Juju Issues

If there are deploy-time issues, or other system/tooling prep issues, please see:

OpenStack Charms

For Q & A, please interact with the community on IRC or on the mailing list. More info can be found in the charm-guide: