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Juju Charm Store Bundles for OpenStack
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ryan-beisner and thedac Move network space declarations into overlay examples (#125)
* Remove spaces from dev bundles

* Remove spaces from stable bundles

* Add spaces overlays for openstack-base and openstack-telemetry

* Add example spaces overlay files to published stable bundles

* Add the most basic machine defs to spaces overlays

Without machine definitions in the overlay file, the use of it
results in errors such as:

```placement "lxd:0" refers to a machine not defined in this bundle```

* Update stable readme for spaces overlay usage

* Update dev bundle readmes for spaces overlay

* Remove machines section from overlays
Latest commit a09b94a May 14, 2019
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.github Add issue template (#44) Nov 29, 2017
stable Move network space declarations into overlay examples (#125) May 14, 2019
tools Update sync_tools and validate_tools scripts Apr 29, 2018
.gitignore Update dev and stable readmes, add dev bundles Feb 2, 2017
.travis.yml Resync neutron tools from o-c-t and add travis tests May 22, 2017 Add root dir readme (#49) Dec 6, 2017
tox.ini Update sync tool for new o-c-t location on github Apr 18, 2018


This repo contains development and stable bundles for deploying OpenStack with Juju and MaaS with OpenStack Charms.

Bundle Issues

If there are specific issues with the bundle yaml files, or the READMEs shipped with those bundles, please raise a bug against the openstack-bundles project in Launchpad:

MAAS or Juju Issues

If there are deploy-time issues, or other system/tooling prep issues, please see:

OpenStack Charms

For Q & A, please interact with the community on IRC or on the mailing list. More info can be found in the charm-guide:

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